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At Philadelphia Apartments, we understand the importance of education in today's society. Parents want nothing more than to place their children in schools where they know their children will be in good hands. Especially when moving to a new area, parents want to make sure that there are appropriate schools nearby. Researching specific needs and wants for their children's education is the first step that any moving parent should take. A simple phone call to the school's district will answer most of your questions, but not all. Some cases may require a visit to a counselor who is more than willing to help a parent find the right education and school for their kids. The internet is also a very useful source for information regarding ANYTHING related to your child's education. Here is a link to the School District of Philadelphia website.

School District of Philadelphia

Declaration of Education
The academic achievement of all students in the School District of Philadelphia must improve. We believe all children can reach their learning potential and that the achievement gap can be eliminated. The School Reform Commission is responsible for that improvement and is obligated to prepare, ensure, and empower all students of diverse backgrounds to achieve their full intellectual and social potential in order to become lifelong learners and productive members of society. The Commission commits itself to raising student achievement through District-wide reforms and restructuring measures. We have done much but we have a long way to go. As a significant step on the continuing journey, the SRC issues this "Declaration of Beliefs and Visions."

Declaration of Beliefs and Visions
1. We believe all children can learn at high levels.

The School District of Philadelphia has the responsibility to provide the quality of education and a safe environment that allows every child to learn at high levels. The capacity to learn is not determined or limited by race, family income, native language, gender or area of residence.

2. We believe all children can reach their learning potential and that the achievement gap can be eliminated.

The School District of Philadelphia must provide equal access to quality education regardless of race, family income, gender, native language, special needs or area of residence. Providing equal access to high quality education for every child may require the investment of unequal resources to ensure an equitable outcome.

3. We believe schools have an enormous impact on children's lives.

To improve educational outcomes for all students, a qualified teacher must be in every classroom, and every school must have a qualified principal who is an instructional leader. Improving the educational outcomes for our students will require support from all of segments of our community including parents, caregivers, businesses, elected and appointed officials, civic and organizations, along with the District's leaders, staff, and students.

Parents and caregivers are responsible for sending their children to school ready to learn, but the School District is responsible for educating all children regardless of family support or involvement. Children have an obligation to come to school ready to learn, but the District cannot abandon those who do not and must search for ways to reach them.

4. We believe the School District of Philadelphia can become a high performing organization.

Sustainable reforms are possible only if parents have meaningful choices.

The School District of Philadelphia must develop effective partnerships with parents and caregivers - based upon trust and respect - that engage the District and the parent/caregiver in a plan of action to promote the "best interest" of the child.

All District activities will be measured by their ability to increase the academic achievement of students across the District in the most efficient and effective manner.
The District will launch, continue or expand only those efforts proven to raise student achievement here or demonstrated elsewhere. There are no "sacred cows."

To be sustainable, any reform must conform to a realistic strategic and financial plan.

5. We believe that all children should be educated in a safe and orderly environment.

Success is the only option.

Guiding Principles of the Philadelphia School Reform Commission


A quality education gives all children the opportunity to do great things. So when it comes to education, we must put our children first. We must begin by providing a better and safer environment for children to learn and felonious violence must stop. Children need direct instruction, new books and better curriculum. The goal has to be an improved education system, measured by attendance and improved test scores.


Teachers must be involved in any effort to reform our schools. We must begin by attracting and retaining education professionals. We must work with educators collaboratively to improve curriculum. And we must provide them with the necessary training and resources to do their job well. Accountability will be critical if we are to succeed in improving education for all Philadelphia school children. The children's futures are at stake.


Learning doesn't stop at the end of the school day. We need to better involve and engage parents, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, grandparents, neighbors and friends -- the entire extended and non-traditional family network -- in our effort to educate kids. Their support will be critical to our long-term success the success of our children.


In order to employ sound financial procedures, we must take steps to review and reform the finances of the School District.

Source from Philadelphia Public Schools

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